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Welcome to Kaiser Conley Consulting Services

Linda Kaiser Conley, the principal of KCCS, has spent more than three decades in the insurance and insurance regulatory arenas. Linda formerly served as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner and as counsel to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.


    Kaiser Conley Consulting Services LLC is a consulting firm that helps insurers,
businesses and individuals understand and resolve insurance and insurance regulatory
issues, concerns and problems.
    Linda Kaiser Conley, the principal of KCCS, has dedicated 35 years to gain a deep
appreciation of insurance and insurance regulatory issues. Her experiences as a
former Insurance Commissioner in Pennsylvania, an external advisor, and working
within insurance companies, allows Linda to bring pragmatic insights and workable
solutions to difficult challenges.
    KCCS possesses the breadth of experience to assists clients on a wide range of
insurance matters, including new product and program development, litigation matters,
insurance company liquidation questions, information on insurance industry and
insurance regulatory practices, and issues relating to the regulation, investigation and
examination of insurance companies.
    Linda regularly works with attorneys in insurance bad faith cases, as both a consulting
and testifying expert. She had provided expert reports or testimony on industry customs
and practices in more than 40 cases, including disputes related to insurance claims
handling, payment delays and denials to policyholders, claimants and service providers,
insurance fraud, and marketing and underwriting practices.
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